Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tu(esday)torial: Finding Inspiration


For the longest time, I abandoned my little blog because there was "nothing to write about". Really, what kind of excuse is that?! In this entire world, I couldn't sit my ass down and write one post? I could've written an essay longer than I could have a post. Hello, who does that? I realized I was just in a mental block. To get back into it, I came up with my themed weeks so I can really focus on how to organize my thoughts and actually write.

But even with the themes (which took some time, trust me. I suck at puns, as you can probably tell), I still have to come up with posts for everyday. Thirty posts a month? You better believe I need some crazy magic voodoo to help me through. But hopefully you guys are a little more creative than me and these tips are somewhat helpful.

1. Keep your eyes open everywhere you go. When you're surfing blogs, YouTube channels, when you're on a road trip or even on your way to school. Pay attention to the people around you, their fashion, their hair and makeup. We live in such a rich society that people tend to look past the simple things that could bring about the greatest ideas.

2. Write everything down. Everything. I know that I get my best ideas when I'm trying to fall asleep last night, so I keep a list of ideas on my phone that I can easily access when it's 4 AM and I get a genius idea. Well, that I think is genius anyways. Ha ha ha.

3. Keep tabs on current news. If you have access to MTV, NBC, tabloid magazines or any other form of social media/news you have an entire palette of topics to dabble in. If you're a beauty and fashion blog, keep an eye on major runway events - I took advantage of the VMAs and wrote a post about them. (Check it out here.)

4. Read other blogs and watch other YouTube videos. Pay attention to "famous" bloggers stats - which of their posts get the most views & comments? Is it reviews or personal entries? Don't copy them, by any means, but feed off of those types of posts. For example, What's On My Purse videos are great starters for a YouTube channel. Go with the flow and trends.

Keep your eyes open. The world is your story. Don't let a chapter flutter by, unknowingly. just keep at it, ideas will come! And when they do, share them with me!

Email or link me to your latest blog post or video! I would love to read/watch it!

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