Monday, August 26, 2013

Carolyn Reviews: VMA Red Carpet Fashion

Being the band nerd that I am, I was unable to watch the VMAs last night due to the fact that I wouldn't have been asleep until 1 in the morning and had rehearsal bright and early the next morning... SO, I have not been exposed to last night's fashion. From the tone of my twitter timeline (follow me!), I have a feeling that last night was a wild show and the red carpet was no different.

Miley Cyrus - Miley! Darling! What are you doing! I have a huge girl crush on Miley (I know, judge me) but this get up makes me want to hurl. You know what, it's not even the outfit, it's the double high-bun hair style. Is this really going to be a thing? I've seen tutorials on YouTube and it just doesn't work. We're not 6 years old here people. On top of the outrageous thought behind this hair disaster, when Miley performed and was doing her twerkin' thang, there was a section of hair flaling around! I think poor lil' Miss Miley got a line in the bathroom before she did her own hair and outfit styling.

Katy Perry - THE GRILL. EXCUSE ME. And what is chillin on her boobs, Christmas garland? Katy, honey, you look like a cheetah during the Christmas holiday. It's too much. If this was your idea of Roar, it's way off point! She should have ditched the turtle neck, sleeves and garland and gone for a plunging neck line instead.

Lady Gaga - There's not much to say here. Gaga is the Queen. She can wear half the slaughter house and still be fabulously fabulous. I love the leather thing she's got going on. The best part is is that if anyone else was to slip into this ensemble, it would be a train wreck. But instead Gaga is the bell of the ball.

Selena Gomez - As trashy as this dress may seem, I think the satin(?) royal blue fabric tied in with the rhinestones along the edging looks so absolutely amazing. Even with the exposed bodice contraption, Selena still manages to look classy. The only thing I would have changed is the lip color and hair. She should have done a sleek pony tail, given that she's one of the few celebrities I've ever seen to pull it off. And I would've given her a shiny nude lip. The dress has so much going on and looks vampy by itself, there was no need to accentuate that with hair and makeup.

Taylor Swift - I appreciate what Taylor's trying to do here, by going back to her old look. At least, that's what her ensemble is screaming at me; the red lip and curly blonde bob. But there's way too much bone poking out of that dress. Skinny is fine but bony does not look good, not even in Hervé Léger. The bob is cute, but too much forehead. That whole 'bump' look is kind of 2008, Taylor. However, the navy blue looks phenomenal against her pale skin and blonde hair. And excellent job by her stylists to skip the necklace.

Ellie Goulding - The hair? Did she try the pre-VMAs 5 minute makeup and hair challenge?! The undone look is cute but she literally looks like this was a "Shit, we have 3 minutes and you still need fake eyelashes!!!" hair. The dress also does nothing for her figure; it doesn't tuck her in and the turtle neck with the polka dots looks frumpy. Big THUMBS DOWN from me.

Who was your best dressed from the VMAs? I think mine was Taylor Swift! Tell me yours in the comments section!

All images via the Huffington Post : HERE

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  1. I luv selena look so sexy but classy ay the same time!


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