Monday, March 24, 2014

I Can't Wait for Summer Because...

Note: This is a very condensed list. My need for warm weather, longer days, less clothes, more freedom, is growing stronger every 30 degree day New Englanders are suffering through... I'm surprised my toes haven't turned to ice cubes and my fingers to icicles.
  • I have new tank tops that are just sitting in my closet, moping around, waiting to be worn. The poor little guys (if we can classify clothing as male) are being deprived of their true duties. Boo. 
  • Less homework, less stress.
  • More light, more time, more play.
  • It's too cold to take Manhattan out for a walk (keeping in mind his 11 year old bones). He's slumped into a depression after the loss of Cocoa and it's eating away at me.
  • White pants.
  • Filming outside (or filming about being outside, let's be honest). 
  • The smell of suntan lotion. 
  • The smell of fake tan cause ain't nobody got time for getting skin cancer. 
  • Random day trips to the beach. 
  • Switching up from my musky winter frangrances to my favorite fruity ones.
  • No shoes, no problem. 
  • No school, more time to work, more money to make, more fun to have. 
It's a list in progress. I could sit here for hours but it's getting late and I have homework. I can't wait for summer because I would be able to continue this list. 
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