Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Best Tall Girl Jeans

If there's one thing all of us tall girls struggle with, it's finding jeans long enough so they aren't confused with high waters. Lo and behold, I would like to think that I have solved this problem.

I'm not much of a spender/invester, especially when it comes to clothes. But of course, every one likes to wear something well made and comfy. Yes, these jeans are comfy. Comfy jeans. And we ain't talkin' bout pajama jeans here, ladies.

I have been wearing New York & Company jeans for years. And by years, I'm talking 5. Granted, I'm 17. For 29.41176% of my life, I've been living in these pants. I would chose my NY&Co.'s over leggings every damn day.

I can't say enough about these jeans, expecially their bootcut styles. The other day my art teacher asked me where I buy my jeans becuase he needed to recommend something to his 6'2" girlfriend. If my art teacher's GF is wearing them, why shouldn't you?!

RIGHT NOW: is having a BOGO 50% off sale on everything! PLUS, some of the styles are marked down to only $25! If I didn't own most of the styles, I would definitly be whipping out my credit card faster than you can say super awesome sale.

Where do you get your go to jeans?
Do you enjoy wearing jeans as much as I do?
Leave me a comment!

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