Saturday, February 8, 2014

Clear Clinic: Intro

So a few weeks ago now, a company called Clear Clinic @ Home reached out to me. Obviously, if you are aware of my hideous skin but love for skin care, you'd probably guess that this was an intriguing company. I looked into it and here's a little sense of what I got:

Clear Clinic is a dermatologists office based out of New York that offers anyone in the ountry to take part in their "virtual" (to put it simply) doctor's office. Basically.

Their main goal is to give the 50 million Americans currently struggling with acne a doctor to confide in if they don't have the ability to physically go to an office.

Not only is a patient given products, but also what they call a Virtual Consultant, with whom you video chat on a monthly (or more often if needed) basis and who you are in constant e-mail contact with. (A post about my first consultation will be coming soon!)

So let's review here: you're getting a fully liscenced PA-C who is available to you 24/7, through video chat or email and a kit of products designed for your skin type, age, complexion, etc. Do you understand my excitement right now?!

I know how invested my viewers and readers are in my skin care journey as of late, and what better way to try out this service than to do it with my followers! You guys are going to be seeing the ins, outs, the good and bad, my true opinions on what I have high hopes to be a stellar company. I'll be bringing you my honest feedback and hopefully a new way for all of you struggling with acne to finally have a fighting chance against it!

Are you ready? I so am!
I am in no way being compensated for this post. All ideas are 100% honest, always. 

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