Thursday, January 2, 2014

Change Is Coming For Us! (+Some New Years Resolutions)

I'm writing this post on a whim, with no plans of editing it for grammer or spelling when I'm done. This is more of a little post for myself to keep me organized and get this New Year off to a clean start. 

Happy New Year everyone! Are we excited? Sad because prime "diet season" has started? Glad that 2013 is over an out? I have mized feelings about the whole but I know that I want to start this year off with a bang - so back to blogging, duh!

I had my whole blogging schpeel all set and I was posting consitently and then I decided I wanted to do the same on my YouTube channel... and get a job... and take higher level classes at school. As a full time student, part time employee, and every other time "Internet persona", it was a lot for me to handle and I always found myself wrapped up in one aspect of my life and neglecting the others interchangeably.

So I have assigned myself the task of making master lists on my computer of things that need doing this month. Outlining posts and videos, penciling in my work schedule and which mid terms I'm taking on which day will be a lot to fill my calendar with.

This will be my busiest year to date. Which is why I expect it to be the best.

Oh, and I'm starting driving school next week. So there's 2 nights I'm losing out of my week. Who said being a teenager was all shits and giggles?

NOW, JUST SO YOU KNOW, this is not me complaining about my busy life - I well know that you're all busy too. This is me just getting my feelings down on paper... well... online. For everyone to see. And for me to know that other people know that I am making this commitment to my life - no being lazy and wasting a day away to watch Netflix and eat left over Christmas cookies (yeah, we're still there).

So, what is the commitment?
*Blog posts at least twice a week but I'm shooting for 3. Possible Monday, Wednesday, Friday//Saturday.
*Videos twice a week, on whatever days I can. Filming takes 5x as long as a blog post so that will take some precendent.

And for my non-Internet life (really, just some resolutions)
*No more doing homework at 10 PM.
*Be more helpful at work and willing to take more hours [I kick myself everytime I cover for someone, because they never show the same courtesy but $ is $ no matter how you swing it].
*Study for all tests, no matter the subject.
*School work before Internet "work" [It's not really work!]

And most importantly...

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