Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why 5 O'clock Sunsets are A-OK

*This post was supposed to be published back when the time change was all the rage [becuase that makes sense. It's not like this whole ordeal happens every year or anything] but it got lost in my drafts. Enjoy.*

I wish I was shocked at the amount of people blowing up my twitter timeline with "the days are waaaaay too short, ew" tweets; but I'm not. What I am shocked about, is the the lack of those other people who are tweeting about how awesome the time change is! 

Am I the only one who thinks falling back is the greatest thing next to sliced bread? Oh, I am? Well let me convince you, then. 

hashtag nofilter
...For the basic bitches: 

Candles can be lit earlier. Candles look weird during the day, let's be real. I know that doesn't stop any of us from breaking out 3 or 4 B&BW candles at 11 in the morning, but come on. Candles are to night as peanut butter is to jelly. Yeah... ok. [Good thing my second grade education, consisting of mostly analogies, has gone to good use.]

Drinking hot tea at night is way more fun than drinking it in the day. See above blurb and substitute "candles" for "tea". ¿Comprendes? 

...For everyone else:

It's acceptable understandable to eat dinner under a blanket... on the couch. Ok, sure, this one's a stretch. But TV dinners, late at night, watching The Voice is bomb. Don't lie, we've all done it. 

Fall TV shows come back. I'm not one for watching TV, especially in the summer. And fall means my shows come back and new ones start up. #Excite. 

There's something about night blogging. Sure, blogging is hard work, but it's not something I would consider as "work", which is done in the AM, right? Writing in the wee hours of the night/morning or even right after dinner, before the good TV shows come on, is so much more fulfilling than day time postings.

My ideas come to me at night. Maybe it's because our bodies slow down at night that our brains get a chance to review the day and get caught up, and in turn, churn out great ideas for blog posts, video ideas, etc. I find I'm also wittier at night [as witty as I can be, I guess], which is something I like. I'm writing this at 8 PM and I'm loving the way this post is coming out. 

What do you think of the time change? 
Sweater weather is here, are you excited or dreading it?

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