Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Fives #2

Friday, Friday, Friday! It's Friday! And I start all of these posts with such an excited opening, I have to reread what I type a million times because I'm so pumped for the weekend. So, grab some tea [if you're basic. If you're a cool cat, like me, you've got salted caramel ice cream], a nice spot on the couch and enjoy my second Friday Fives!

 1. Chocolate//Caramel turtle candies. A great project to do at 10 pm on a school night [instead of Algebra work, of course].

Bird wanted some too!
2. SMACKhighCT on twitter. Most of you won't appreciate the hilarity of high school students anonymously bashing each other's high schools online, but I think this account is a winner.

3. My Christmas board. I'm never one to hum Christmas carols before Black Friday but this year is an exception! What can I say?

4. Curling my hair. I learned how I can actually get my curls to stay longer than 12 minutes. A tutorial is soon to come!

5. This animation. Kanye all up in his Kanye Vest. I can't help but laugh-crying every time I see this.

1. A 30 year old man called me cute. And not "young" cute. Like, "Hi, I want to do bad things to you cute". I cried out of sheer terror + astonishment.

2. I spent a good part of this week hating my new camera. But if you saw my NYC post, I no longer despise it. So, yay.

3. I visited my own blog more than any new visitors did this week. I guess that's okay... at least I like my theme... finally?

4. My sister is currently playing a dub step version of Demi Lovato and I kind of want to scream.

5. My mom's birthday is in 6 days and I'll I've got for her so far is 3 B&BW candles. I need ideas pronto! *Scours DIY pinterest board for hours to find inspiration.*

1. We stopped at the rest stop on our way back from NYC and I strolled right past McDonald's and got Subway. And then treated myself with DD. Hashtag [sorrynotsorry]. 

2. Grades closed and my GPA will be the highest it's ever been!

3. I found out I'm ranked 47/195 in my class! Top 25% hollaaaaa!

4. I brought down and sorted through all of my winter clothes... I need to go shopping. Jeez. 

5. I'm only 25 subscribers away from hitting 1k on YouTube!

 1. Buy leggings. Erm.

2. Get on track with my social media.

[I failed last week.]

3. Respond to all the emails in my inbox. All 2 of them. What can I say? I'm not the best conversationalist [by text, that is]. I can talk your ear off, if you'd like instead.

4. Hang up my 3 bins of winter clothing... Where did I get so many white sweaters?! I don't even wear white sweaters, people!

5. Finish season 6 of GG and catch up to Glee. [Currently working on this one!

How was your week?
Any plans for the weekend? 

Where is your favorite place to buy leggings?
Are you subscribed to me on YouTube? ;)

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