Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Social: 11/10/13

Hi guys, welcome to my second installment of Sunday Social! How was life these past few days? My week definitely dragged on but I'm looking forward to watching the Giants game [hopefully they'll kick ass!], and eat soup today. All I've been craving is soup... Okay, anyways.

This week's theme is all about Thanksgiving, which has always been one of my favorite holidays [obviously], the other being Christmas [again, obviously]. Could you imagine if we morphed Thanksgiving and Christmas? I think I would go into a state of shock and probably put myself in a coma of excitement. If that's a thing... don't morph the holidays. We probably don't want to find out how many people would go into a holiday coma.


Enough of my early morning nonsense, here are this week's questions!

Favorite Thanksgiving Memory?
       My favorite part of the day is at the crack of dawn when I wake up and turn the TV to the Macy's parade. I haven't been able to watch it in the past few years because of the high school football games, but I can't wait until 2015 when I can watch one again!

Favorite Thanksgiving Food? 
       Potatoes. And pie. We've all been there. 

What is a Thanksgiving Tradition you and your family have? 

       We don't really have many 'traditions', but every year, without fail, we eat dinner together. No matter who has what other thing to do, who's sick or whatever. We're all at the table together. 

Show us a favorite Thanksgiving picture(or 5) from years past.

       I'm gonna be real here: We don't really take Thanksgiving photos. We tend to 'unplug' for the day and just be with each other so there's not much to share [that I could find].

But I did have a selfie, of course, saved to my old phone from last year. I wore a blue beanie? Not so sure about that one...

What are you most looking forward to about this Thanksgiving?

       The food of course, but I haven't seen my cousins in months, even though they're only a town over and I miss them! This is the time of year when my fam is the busiest so having this day to spend with them is such a blessing =)

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