Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Fives

Howdy, Friday. It feels like we just had the weekend... maybe because I only had a 3 day school week? Yup, blaming it on No School November. [More on that some other time.] It's time for this week's Friday post round up, but I put a special spin on it so we're not all "and I liked this" and "this was cool" and blah. Feel free to take inspiration from this post and incorporate it into your Friday posts!

1. There comes a time when a 16 [almost 17] year old girl needs to kiss the aqua blue walls and bunk beds good bye. That time is now. We're redecorating my room! Lots of posts to come, but for now, keep an eye on this pinterest board!

2. New York. We took a detour through NYC on our way to MetLife Stadium and I just fell more in love with the city. The people [some not so much], the foliage, the apartments [again, some definitely iffy], I just need to be there. Someone want to share a teeny tiny one-bedroom with me?

3. Pinterest. I think this was a part of my faves last time, but let's be honest here: I'm addicted. It's bad. Let's fight feed this addiction together. Follow me here. =)

4. Bios de Rose by Estee Lauder. I'm a professional look-like-a-clown-while-wearing-read-lips[er?]. But this color is great, mainly because it doesn't accentuate the red in my skin. Me gusta!

5. I caved and bought a new camera! It's the Samsung MV900F, and I have to say, it was basically a steal at $130 on Amazon. I'll be doing a full review in a few months!

1. Buy leggings. Oh, so CWG. What can I say?

2. Social media. In general. This week was rough. Basically, I tweeted twice. Don't hate me. 

3. Eat less bagels and more eggs. Sorry about it. 

4. Get my room painted and pick out a bed spread!

5. Go thrifting//bring my old junk to the consignment shop. I'm addicted!

1. I didn't borrow a single penny from my mom this week. Granted, she keeps the food on the table and a roof over my head, but I bought my own $9 OPI polish. Aw yeah! [Not necessarily excited about spending my own money, but most definitely proud.]

2. I raised my grade in algebra 6 points in the past 2 weeks. Holla at the nerd status.

3. I designed a whole new layout for my blog that I am almost completely happy with and plan to keep for a while!

4. I uploaded a video. It's sad that this is under achievements, but I'm getting back in my YouTube groove thang.

5. As previously mentioned, I got my camera! I've been putting off spending the money for so long, but it's a worthwhile investment that will help me in my field. At least, that's how I convinced myself into spending the money.

1. I got nothing done this week besides blogging. I went farther than procrastination here - I full on just blew things off for my blog. Not good.

2. I ate half a box of munchkins... as a snack... by myself... in one sitting. It was bad. And then I went to McDonald's. That was Saturday and I can still feel the powdered sugar collecting in my stomach.
My late best friends favorite Christmas song. Brings back a lot of good memories of her and also make me wish she were here with us every Christmas
3. I still haven't brought my winter wardrobe down from the closet. It's 40 degrees out today. Yeah, let that one sink in.

4. I only worked 3 hours and 20 mins this week. My wallet is going to hate me.

5. I started a Christmas board on Pinterest. I'm never one to sing Christmas carols before Thanksgiving, but we're making an exception here, ok?

So what did I learn this week? Nothing. I didn't do anything, so how can I learn? OH! I did learn how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog. That's something I guess. You know, the 2 chapters I took a test on didn't sink in, but I know that I need to use more vertical pictures in my posts. Good, good job, Carolyn.

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