Monday, November 18, 2013

How To: Add A Hyperlink To A Blog Comment

All new bloggers [including myself] have been there: you're surfing the trillions of blogs, weeding out 12 trillion of the icky ones and commenting on the first one you've come across that isn't completely irritating//blinding//poorly written. Then you're leaving a genuine comment, in hopes the writer will see it and return the favor, sparking a relationship and potentially making a new bloggy friend. Fantastic

But first things first... how does this blogger even find my blog? Do I put my after my signature? In it? Just my main URL [minus the blogging platform]? Not at all? The answer to all of these is no. 

The answer is hyperlinks. Hyperlinks? What? Why? How? Are you kidding? 

Yes. I'll show you. I'll tell you. I'll teach you. I'm not messing around here people. 

This is a hyperlink. This one too. Wanna click here? You do? You're clicking a hyperlink. 

Long URLs look spammy and can be marked as so. They're such a plea for attention that all new bloggers should avoid. Trust me. A one segment, 15 character hyperlink is way cleaner looking than a 40 character long URL ever will. Especially if you have a or domain.

Plus, it's nice to whatever blogger's blog your commenting on - no one likes getting one of those "I love your blog, found you through a blog hop! Check me out at XO" comments on a post they worked really hard on. Don't be that guy

It's all about the code, my friend. The. Code. Is that from a movie? TV show? Erm. 

The code is as follows:

<a href="YOUR SITE URL HERE" rel="nofollow">THE TEXT YOU WANT HERE</a>

My hyperlink would be: 

<a href="" rel="nofollow">thediaryofatallgirl</a>

and it would look like this: thediaryofatallgirl 

It's really that easy. This is not rocket science or an original concept here people. It's just so important and underrated in the community that I thought it would be a nice thing to share with any of my newer readers, experienced bloggers or not. 

Do you use hyperlinks in your comments? 
What's one thing you always make sure to include in your comments?

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