Friday, November 1, 2013

5 Things I Probably Hate About Your Blog

While I'm not someone to talk about having an awesome blog, [I know I don't], there sure are a few things I've run into that I cannot stand when I visit someone else's blog.

Follow on Bloglovin1) No Bloglovin account/button. Let's be real here, I'm all about the simple life and making things so I barely have to work to achieve anything. [Don't read too much into that.] So having one website where all bloggers can find each other with a few strokes of the keys is prime in my eyes. Get a bloglovin! It's the new face of blog followings, so sign up!

2) No about page. If you don't have a sidebar autobiography doo hickey, make an about page. At least has something. Mine hasn't been updated since 2011, when I first got my blog [and trust me, there is a new one in the works], but it's something for potential readers to go off of.

3) Too many colors and/or fonts. KISS. [Keep it simple, stupid.] Pick 1-3 featured colors for your blog titles/text/gadgets and what not [not including black and white] and no more than 3 fonts. Not only is it easy on the eyes, but your font and color preferences say a lot about your personality. Give a good first impression!

4) Nothing in the sidebar; give me something to look at! Okay, so you have 4 bloglovin followers and a blog archive. Nice, good luck with growing that following! Sidebar widgets and pictures are even more vital than a nice header/logo. Think of it as the foyer of a house: the front door [header] might look really nice and the front room [the posts] may be so well thought out and designed, but then you're in this nasty entryway that provides no connection between the outside and the inside. Ew!

5) Having paragraphs upon paragraphs upon paragraphs of text. I love to babble on about nothing, trust me, I really do. But I've come to find how much I skim through posts that have huge chunks of text. This isn't high school people, there's no need for 15 sentence long paragraphs in which you are continually repeating yourself.

Like I said, I don't have an amazing, eye catching, one hundred percent fool proof layout. But my template is clean and appealing; that's all a new blogger should strive for!

What are some things that irritate you about other blogs? Let me know!

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