Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Think I'm "Growing Up"

Tomorrow marks my 17th Halloween, also known to children as "the best day of the year because, uh, hello, masks and candy". Known to teens as "yay, I can dress provocatively and not get complete hate for it. Ok... I know I had my cat ears here somewhere....", and to the parents [God bless their souls]: "f&(*, who spends $25 on cat ears?!?!?"

Oh lord, this is the last time I went to a Halloween party! [2011]
This year, I find myself somewhere in the mix of all these phases: I'll be working, watching little kids come into the restaurant dressed in crazy costumes while their parents try to gain some control of their 4 elementary school kids, all on a sugar high, of course. All while I'm earning $25 [not to be spent on any costume, mind you].

Is this what growing up is? I don't even have a costume and I need one in the next 9 hours! I took over another shift so I can make my minimum wage, instead of sacking out in front of the TV with my 2 best friends, watching AHS.

Somebody's gotta make the monies I guess. I just wish it didn't have to be me. Does anyone want to cover for me?

I will admit, I am proud of myself for taking action and covering for a coworker, even though I don't have to. Here's to never growing up?

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