Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Faves [Week #1]

Happy Friday everyone! The best day of the week is finally here, thank goodness. Today's post is a round up of my favorite and a few of my not so favorite things from this glorious October week. Although the day is not officially over yet (I have a 5.5 hr shift at work in 2.5 hours. Gr), I am beyond excited to finish up a whole 5 days of consecutive posting!!

But let's not rush through it, eh? Here are some of the highlights of my week!

1) The weather & fall foliage. 

We're at that 2 week period in the fall time in between it being scorching hot [still] and freezing cold, in between green trees and bare trees. Check out this pic I just posted to my Instagram!

To follow suit, combat boots are always a fave! There's nothing like a pair of shoes you know you can wear through a snow storm. Buuuut, I think I'll wait a while on that one.

2) Memory foam pillows. These bad boys are both a blessing and a curse; falling asleep is a breeze but waking up is a battle.

3) Pinterest. Follow me here! I've needed lots of ideas and tips for my blog and pinterest is the best way (for me) to find everything. I don't need CEOs of massive websites teaching me how to decode something, you know? I want to click on a link and come to a cutesy lifestyle blog. God bless Pinterest!

4) The Blacklist. Being the Internet junkie I have been for the past 3 or 4 years, I haven't been much of a TV watcher besides SVU and PLL. But the Blacklist premiered and The Voice got started up again with the original cast and I'm basically in a TV coma on Monday nights.

5) This blog! I can't believe I let this tresure be buried for so long. Rediscovering this bad boy and the whole bloggosphere in general has made me wonder what I did with my life before blogging and vlogging. Maybe I actually had time to do my homework.

What were your favorites of the week? Tell me in a comment!

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