Saturday, October 19, 2013

[S]te[a]l her S[t]yle [urday]: Miley Cyrus Street Style

Does anyone remember when being online, having an email address and dressing up cartoon dolls were a huge thing? Come on, I know you all remember our middle school years when the Internet really started "taking off" per say and we would sit on the big clunky ancient desktop and play dress up with pixelated "dollz". Well, for this post, I felt like a middle schooler again.

Today we're playing online dressup for grown ups. And what better way to play, than to snag Miley Cyrus's street style!

I've been a fan since the Hannah Montana days. I think Miley is fantastic and her fashion sense (whilst not preforming of course) is impeccable. So here's how I'm going to get Miley's look!

I would probably rock this lock on a daily basis... if I wasn't stuck in my CT high school of course. I find Miley's street presence completely on point; she always looks efforletlessy put together; and who doesn't love that?

What is your favorite outfit Miley has worn? Would you wear this one? 

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