Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Effortless Beauty: Ways to acheive it.

Picture this: You're walking down the beach and you see the most gorgeous girl (totally girl-crushable, you know what I'm sayin?), she's, like, the epitome of everything you want to be. She looks like she isn't wearing any makeup, has movie star-esque hair and looks like she could run through a tornado without a scratch on her. She wakes up picture perfect. Do you have the picture in your mind? Well, today, I'm going to teach you my favorite ways to look effortlessly hot. Let's go, sexy mammas!

French Manicures

I don't know what it is, but a simple French mani looks gorgeous and polished while not being overdone. It's all about finding the perfect sheer pink polish and a white that isn't too thick. Or... a really excellent nail salon. Give or take!

To Ace This Look: Make sure your nails are shaped. File them, cut them, whatever you deem necessary, just make sure they look nice before you start adding polish.

Dewy Skin

This look isn't for everyone, not even me. But I've been trying to lean away from the completely matte, powdery look. Especially because I have trouble with acne and oily prone skin, I've noticed that it's highlighted with a poor foundation job. So, instead of packing on my Rimmel Stay Matte, I've been skipping it and just sticking to the natural finish of my foundation working with my skin. It's weird but looks way more natural because your skin naturally has a glow. No one is born a cake. ;)

After surfing the web, I've concluded that Hayden
is the queen of flawless skin
To Ace This Look: Hold back on the powder. If you have oily skin, use a light hand and a giant brush. Or, buy a matte foundation and skip the powder all together. Let your natural skin texture drive your look!

"Windblown" Hair

You and I both know that not a single person on this planet wakes up with pretty beachy waves or pin straight hair. And if you are or know of such person, then I envy you. The happy medium between curls and straight, for me anyways, is a messy, tousled straight look. If you've got a hair straightener and a curl defining product, no one can mess up this look.

To Ace This Look: Grab your straightener and, depending on your hair texture, partially straighten your hair or put some loose waves in some of the ends of your hair. Don't go crazy, because afterwards, you're going to put in a non-stiff mousse or a curl defining spray gel. Scrunch that ish and go to town, girl, cause you be lookin hawt.

So there are just a couple of my favorite ways to pull off that whole "Pfft, I totally rolled out of my king sized bed and just ran out of my NYC penthouse at 8 am this morning to run to the coffee shop and edit a blog post." There we go.


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