Friday, July 26, 2013

Studs: In or Out?

Ah, the all coveted studded detail. It's been in every major runway and almost every single YouTube I've watched. You can find a piece with studs in every store, on a handful of mannequins. And this leads to the ultimate question... Are studs still in? If so, are they here to stay?
1) Buckle, 2) J. Crew, 3) Etsy, 4) Etsy
What do I think of studs? Too overdone! I can deal with a line of studs along the seam of a pair of jean shorts or as part of a design on a blouse, but has anyone seen those Steve Madden combat boots? Oh my gosh!

My hopes for this trend? That it will die out slowly. Or quickly. So long as it goes away. It's had it's debut season and I think that should be it for these babies.

What do you think of studs? How many pieces of studded clothing so you own?

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  1. Only one and there these studded platformish high heels ..wish j could post a pic but there uber cutte! And sorry for the shit description ..:/..:)


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