Monday, February 18, 2013

Why I'm Eating Clean and Working Out!

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So today I wanted to make a quick post talking about my "recent change in lifestyle", to put it simply.

For about a week or so now, I have been consistently working out {minor at-home things, mind you. I'm no fitness guru and don't strive to be! Ha ha ha} and eating healthy. It's become a priority in my life to make sure I'm healthy, among other things. Here are some reasons I've been getting on track with my workouts and clean eating:

  1. To be bikini ready. The memory of my mom's friend asking me if the bathing suit I was wearing was mine or my 9 year old sister's still rings in my head every time I put on a swimsuit. I don't want to feel like I'm hanging out of all my clothes this summer, or anytime really.
    I'm taking a trip to Florida in April with my friends and a ton of my classmates and there's no way I could wear anything I own now, comfortably in the body I have now. I've done it before: it fucking sucks. Pardon my French.
  2. To be able to keep up with anyone and anything, physically. I've never been a fast paced, always moving, stand for hours, run a mile, etc., kind of girl and I hate it. Hell, I can barely keep up jogging in gym class. GYM CLASS. Being so out of shape has failed me so many times and I plan to apply for a counselor at an elementary school summer camp so I need to be able to keep up with 5-10 year olds; I need that.
  3. To be healthy on the inside and out. There have been days I've sat down to edit a video or watch a movie and scarfed down an entire box of mac & cheese... IN ONE SITTING. Hello, extra 10 lbs. sliding down my throat. There is no nutritional value in artificial cheese and an entire stick of butter and it's taken a serious toll on my body. Not only that, but I've suffered from acne for as long as I can remember and the more fruits and veggies I've eaten, the better my skin has been looking and feeling.
  4. To inspire. You guys. Yes, you. YOU are the reason I have started this journey. I enjoy putting myself out on the Internet on a daily basis for 100s and possibly 1000s of people. I need to be able to take any outfit picture I want, film and beach OOTD during the summer, whatever, and be comfortable doing it. I need the hands-on experience if I'm going to be writing these posts and filming videos all about nutrition and  fitness.
    Would you watch my videos if I had never once put makeup on in my life?
These are just some of the reasons I have to being healthier; there are endless reasons to better yourself, starting with your health. Hey.. that rhymed! :)

Sorry for the long post, but writing it has motivated me even more and I hope it impacted you guys too!


Need more inspiration? Come back soon for more health & fitness posts!

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