Sunday, January 26, 2014

Friday Fives... On Sunday

So before I get into this Friday Fives (that's only 2 days late, pfft, pretend you didn't notice), we're stating the obvious here: I've redesigned my blog... again. But what can I say? I'm probably the most indecisive person on the planet: I get so bored with the way things look and eventually it gets to me and I talk myself into changing it. Hence, the homepage makeover.

It's not finished, and let's be honest, it won't ever be. I'm in love with the theme I've got going right now, and it still needs some tweeks I'll add here and there, but it will change before the winter season is over, I can guarantee it. Sigh. At least it keeps blogging fresh for me, right?

And now we'll get into the real purpose of this post? Yay?

#1. Snow. Can we just love on the pic of my 11 year old poodle, post his snow-eating adventure? I love it.

#2. Work. Yeah, work. I swear, I haven't been hit in the head or anything of that sort. I'm a teenage girl and I just really really really like shopping. Cha-ching!

#3. Cooking. Kind of. But check out this loverly pasta//chicken//veggie//alfredo dish I made for dinner! I was pretty proud of myself for being able to boil water and bake chicken nuggets at the same time.

#4. My birthday. This chicky turned 17 on Thursday. I feel no different.. Does this mean I'm getting old? Eighteen, here I come. Meh, it's only 363 days away (granted it's not a leap year... awkward).

#5. Driving. I started my driving classes, for the sheer purpose of lowering my insurance prices. But I've learned some stuff and I'm actually excited to get my liscence at the end of March!

What are some things you enjoyed this week?
What's the first thing you ever learned to cook?

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