Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bath & Body Works Candles - Worth the Hype?

So I used to do these "Worth the Hype" videos on my old channel 2 years ago. They were always my most watched so I'm bringing them to the blog!

And what better way to kick off this little series than by taking every one's most loved video background accessory (I know you know what I'm talking about?) and see if it can stand the trial.

Without further ado, I call the Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candles to the stand. *Dramatic orchestra music starts playing in the background.*
There are 57 14. 5 oz. scents to choose from. Select scents come in a 4 oz. size (15 available), a 1.3 oz. size (37 available), or a 6 oz. mason jar (9 scents available).

They can be found in stores or online.

(Original, retail) Pricing:
*14.5 oz: $20
*6 oz: $12.50
*4 oz: $10
*1.3 oz: $4.50

Burn Time:
*14.5 oz: 25-45 hours
*6 oz: 30-40 hours
*4 oz: 20-30 hours
*1.3 oz: 10-15 hours

If you think about it, you can buy a $20 candle and burn it for a max of 45 hours (which is highly unlikely) or you can spend $25, buy 2 different candles, and have twice the burn time for an extra $5.

Compared to my favorite candles, the Yankee Candles:

*Large Jar Candle:
     -$27.99, 110 to 150 hours burn time
*Medium Jar Candle:
     -$24.99, 65 to 90 hours burn time
*Small Jar Candle:
     -$10.99, 25 to 40 hours burn time

There are 113 scents available in the large jar size.

To all of you that are making the assumption that this is an unfair comparison - it's just to show you that you'll get a way better deal at Yankee Candle than you ever will with the B&BW candles. They burn longer and if you can get an extra 85-125 HOURS of smelly goodness for en extra $8, you might as well checkout your bag full of new body sprays then head over the Yankee Candle and stock up.

Plus, they're having their semi-annual clearance sale right now! Load up a cart with $100 of yummy Christmas smellies and get free shipping!=)

The Virdict? They're cute, they're popular, every damn YouTuber is either hauling them or burning them in the background. (No judgement, so am I!) But they aren't worth it.

So not worth the hype. I'll be using mine as "display candles" and heading out to spend my Yankee Candle gift card next weekend so I can burn some!

How many Bath and Body Works candles do you own?
Do you think they're worth $20?
What's your favorite candle brand and scent?
Let me know! =)

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