Monday, December 9, 2013

Let's Talk About My Boyfriend

You're all going to judge me so hard for this. But don't tell me you weren't excited to read this post. "Surely, it can't be true!", you've thought to yourself. "This girl spends way too much time on the Internet!" It's true. But I needed to share this little... mind boggling [yes let's go with that] tale.

Happy [day], it's story time!

We've all had imaginary friends. [This is starting out well]. Most of these fantasies conjugated by our preschool minds consist of normal people like subjects or animals. No, no, I had to be different, like, hello! So who did I chose as my imaginary friend? Yup, yup, none other than Mr. Winter himself... Senor Jack Frost. Look, he's even Spanish now. We're growing up. And by we I mean me... Oy.

But he's not any of the animated Jack Frosts from modern cartoons or the one in Santa Clause 3, with Tim Allen. No, no, no, my Jack Frost was the little guy from the 1979 claymation Christmas film.

Not only did Jack Frost follow me around the house and sleep on the floor next to my bed every night. Granted, he probably didn't stay all night.. Who else was there to make the snowflakes?! That little guy works hard, being my friend and the biggest face of Winter and all.

At least I was semi-reasonable about the whole situation, as I let him go home during the summer months so he could rest and come back to play in November. And wouldn't he melt? Psh, I'd rather not find out!

So there's a little story for you, just to give you an insight to the rather wacky childhood imagination that I had. Maybe that explains my current mental state... A hot mess. 

Did you have an imaginary friend when you were little?
Was it an actual person or animal?
Leave me a comment in the comments section below!

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