Sunday, October 27, 2013

I'm Basically Drowning [In Work]: Weekly Roundup

Holy moly macaroni. Where on Earth have the past 7 days gone?!

None of ya'll would believe me if I told you I spent more time at school/work/band this week than I did at home. Basically, the only thing I did here was sleep and shower. Eating and makeup-doing? Nope, did that on the drive in to class.

I didn't even get to post something for my Friday Faves, so I'm incorporating them into this Sunday Chit Chat! Who's ready for an awesome morphing of my weekly schedule drama + the things that kept me sane?! Aw yeah.

On Monday, I had my only "chill" day of the week. And by chill, I mean I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off within my home. Writing blog posts, editing videos, cleaning, studying for a huge test, taking care of other homework, reorganizing my closet, yaddah yaddah. Oh, and school is a thing, so that too. God bless Twitter for providing me with the chance to take a 2 minute break and remind myself that I wasn't the only one with 17 entrees heaped onto my plate.

Tuesday I toured my first college with some friends. Actually, if you want to get technical [because I know you do, right?], we went to 2. We left from school to drive an hour to the campus, watched the marching band's 2 hour rehearsal, ate some dinner, set off to destination #2 [there were ridiculously attractive boys, I'm not going to complain] and got home around 10. Plus homework. Okay.

Wednesday I had my shift at work from 4-8 with heaps of homework to do before and after, but I picked up my first paycheck!!! Most of it will be going towards my trip to Broadway I'm taking in 3 weeks, but nevertheless, Carolyn's got mula!! I only grabbed it about 2 weeks late because I didn't want to ask my managers for it, but we're just going to look past that.

My buddy picking me up from work!
Thursday was the craziest day of them all. School starts at 7:30 and at 2:00 when it ended, I had a 45 minute sectional with my clarinet section, then walked to the middle school with the band to play with the younger students. We had a blast until I realized I was to be late for work that started at 4. I finished my shift at 8, sped back to our field for the hour that was left for rehearsal and then got home at 10 to finish homework.

Friday I worked a 4-10 shift and it sucked a lot and I don't want to talk about it.

Saturday was STATES!!!!! I had an absolute blast, as I do for every competition day. We've been New England State champs for a few years now, 2 of those being my freshman and sophomore years in high school. This year we came in second to a crazy amazing group but our score from last week jumped 7 points. I couldn't be happier with the improvements that this wonderful group of students, whom I've grown so close to, have achieved. We couldn't pull it together to get the first place trophy, but I'm ecstatic to have this "loss" in our back pockets so all of the underclassmen will work harder for it next year. I'm so proud, I'm beaming as I type.

yes, I am still in a food coma from last night's celebratory dinner at Chile's
Today, Sunday, I volunteered at a local fall attraction, as I shall refer to it in this post. It was a lot of fun to be outside all morning, granted it was a beautiful fall morning.

And now, here we are, just you and me. And whoever else is reading this. I love them too. This afternoon has been a wonderful one filled with football and sitting on the couch and homework. Now here's to another week of everyday blogging. I missed you!

I realize this post turns into me whining about being busy but I want it to look back on when I have weeks that I think I'm busy because I have work for 1 day and "too much homework". More like, "too much time alone with the internet and no self control and too much procrastination. Maybe, when I have that week, I'll learn proper grammar so I can fix that sentence. Oops.

And they wonder why kids [that are not me] turn to drugs.

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