Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How To: Get Ready in 20 Minutes Flat

If you're anything like me [it's a compliment, really], then the snooze button is your savior. There's nothing like hearing a Katy Perry song at 5:30 A.M. at quickly shutting her up, only to do so for an hour and then realize you have 30 minutes to race around the house, in a whirlwind of dry shampoo and coffee, desperate to make it to school or work on time.

This is a daily occurrence for me, no matter how many mornings I learn that 25 minutes is barely enough time for me to do my makeup, never mind hair and food gathering and then choosing an outfit too?! 

Well lucky for you, I've come across some time saving strategies throughout my years in high school that I hope will benefit you in your efforts to race out the door in the morning.

1) Do your hair the night before. Sure, big bouncy curls are pretty. But so are ponytails ft. your natural locks. Dry shampoo was put on this earth for a reason, ladies.

2) Pick your outfit the night before. If I had the time, I could stand in my closet for an hour, digging through all of my clothing to find the 'perfect outfit'. But let's be real, ain't nobody got that time. So invest in some pretty hangers or a mannequin and assemble your outfits before hand.

3) Keep all of your "getting ready" stuff in one spot. I am the worst when it comes to finding my contacts. Somehow, they always end up on my bedside table or in my purse, even though I only ever take them out//put them in in the bathroom. At any rate, I try and keep all of my beauty stuff in one makeup bag in my bathroom.

4) Make sure your room is clean. There's nothing worse than waking up and having to stumble over yesterday's mess, just so you can trip down the stairs to the kitchen. No bueno. Keep your floor clear and put down a fluffy rug so when your feet hit the floor, it's not a tragic experience. [Cough, cough, hardwood floors in winter time.]

5) Keep in mind that you're not getting ready for the Oscars. There's no need to spend time you don't have on trying to achieve perfectly shaped red lips. No.

6) Don't make eating breakfast a 40 minute ordeal. Granted, eating breakfast is the best decision you've made all day [besides reading this post], I know from first hand experience that if you wait on your mom to make your low carb, zucchini and sourcream filled omelet, you'll be late. My favorite breakfasts include Greek yogurt + banana or a breakfast smoothie.

There's probably so many more things to add to this list, but for now, I need to head to bed. At this rate, I'm looking at 6 hours of sleep. I'll be implementing some of these tips in my routine tomorrow! Will you?

What are some ways you speed up your getting ready process? Leave me a comment, I'm curious!

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