Tuesday, July 16, 2013

So Much Loss

I have never had to deal with deaths in my family or amongst close friends so when a social icon I have looked up to and grown with passes, it hits me harder than it probably should.

When I heard the news about Cory Monteith's death, it was still rumored to be a Twitter hoax. I pushed the thought that this legend had left us, out of my head. I've watched Glee since season 1, dancing around my house with my laptop in my arms, jamming out to the cast's Sectionals Performance. I felt like I had grown with the characters. To think that one of the most iconic faces of my favorite FOX TV show was no longer here, was stunning, to say the least.

However, when I watched the 7:00 news cast of Extra that next night, it was confirmed. Cory Monteith had died at the age of 31 in his Vancouver hotel room.

But, he was doing so well. He had gotten out of rehab. He was getting married. What is going to happen to his soon to be wife? For years, the cast of Glee had worked together, built relationships... what about them? I couldn't imagine. As a long time fan of his work, I will truly miss Cory.

Words can't describe my emotions right now. This post was going to be difficult enough to write about Cory, but more sad news has come.

Talia Costello, a spunky 13 year old beauty vlogger battling cancer, has passed away this morning. After a 6 year battle with her terminal cancer, the angels has taken her from us. I wish that she be in no more pain.

I remember the day I stumbled across taliajoy18's May Favorites video. To be honest, I didn't look at her and think 'cancer?!'. Her lack of hair, frail body and scarf in the middle of June didn't phase me. Her quick personality didn't scream of disease but of life and happiness. After subscribing and sifting through all her other social media sites, I learned the truth. Still, it didn't affect me. She was a joy to watch and a blessing on this Earth. I wish her nothing less than eternal happiness in Heaven.

Death will never be an easy thing. For anyone, ever. Even though I had never known Cory or Talia personally, they both brought light to my life in some way or another. They both deserved to be remembered and cherished in our hearts forever.

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