Saturday, March 30, 2013

Get Motivated!

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One of the toughest things about getting healthy and/or losing weight is definitely trying to find the motivation to do so. I'm constantly seeing girls struggling to find that determination that I know all of you guys have building up inside you! Today I'm going to tell you what I do to motivate myself to get healthy & awesome! ;)

Tip #1: Start today.

Okay, so you woke up this morning and said to yourself "Wow. I need to get in shape." Awesome. Don't let that thought leave your brain until you do something about it. Get up, and get in that kitchen and make your self a yummy breakfast or throw on those running shoes and get your butt in motion. If you have any sort of motivation at any time, go with it! I'm constantly thinking of new healthy snack ideas or finding a cool workout on tumblr, and when I sit on my couch and scroll pass that awesome Brazillian Butt workout or skip the apples&peanut butter, my motivation and strive goes down immediately. Maybe this doesn't make to much sense but bottom line - "Yesterday, you said tomorrow. Make today count."

Tip #2: Make a motivational board.

WAIT! Before you run off to Google and type in 'skinny' or 'fit girls', just hear me out. What are you really trying to achieve? I hope your aswer is not "my perfect body" or "a 6 pack" or "a thigh gap". We hould really be striving for happiness and peace with our own bodies so my favorite motivation is quotes. Some of my favorites are:

No skinny girls, no faces or people at all, for that matter. I really like words that move me more than a picture of a body I'll never have. (We're all different, you can't aim to be someone else!)

Tip #3: Surround yourself with good people.

-Getting a little personal here but let's go... My mom has always been a very judgemental person. Always. It doesn't make me love her any less, but sometimes I'm afraid to chase my dreams because of what she'll think. She's my biggest inspiration and with that, my biggest fear is failure, and letting her down. When I knew I wanted to make this change, she laughed at me. I told her I didn't want rice with ym dinner and gave it to me anyways. But this weekend, I'm doing a cleanse and my dad has been 100% supportive of that. (My parents are divorced.) It's so much easier for me to go after what I want because my dad supports me in almost anything I do. What I'm trying to say here is-Chase your dreams, but find someone who will back you up. It makes everything so much easier. And not only with living a healthy lifestyle, but anything you want to do.

So these are my tips to help you get motivated and stay motivated. It was a short post, but (I think) jam packed with some good information for you guys :)

What do you do to get & stay motivated? Let me know!

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