Monday, February 25, 2013

My Favorite Shopping Apps!

Today I'm sharing with you my favorite shopping apps! I mean, who doesn't like a little online shopping during biology class?

  1. Amazon. DUH! Amazon has the #1 spot in my heart. If I need it,, here I come. Not only can I marvel at a Canon Rebel t3i, but I get a ton of books for my kindle & phone from their e-book store. Amazon is like the mall of online shopping!
  2. Wanelo. OMG is all I can say. So everyone knows those "tumblr girls" with their awesome clothes, super cute iPhone cases, adorable bikinis and all that stuff that every girl could ever want? You need Wanelo. Looking at all the cute clothes and knick knacks on this app is a guilty pleasure of mine. I mean, this company might as well just take over my bank account because I'll be spending all my money on there.
  3. GoWallet. GoWallet is exactly what it sounds like; an app for electronically storing your cash! I have only gotten as far as to input my giftcards into it, but this app it so cool; it tracks purchases and balances on your giftcards! You just download the app, select the company of the card, plug in the number and bam! You can find out your balance and make payments! It's so easy and convenient, no need to keep track of a bazillion cards! Yay!
So, these are my favorite online shopping apps I've downloaded! I'm on a driod, therefore a little more restricted with Google Play VS. the Apple App Store, but I do my research and find the best!

What are your favorite online shopping apps? I'd love to spend more money! Ha.. not. 


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