Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hi Again!

Wow, long time, no talk. I'd like to formally apologize for my absence on this bliggity-blog (yeah, make that a new saying) and cordially invite you all to my house for cookies and hugs. The Law & Order: SVU marathon is currently on TV. We have air conditioning. Okay, I expect all of you at my house within the hour, capische?

On a more serious note (you know, as serious as silly ol' me can get), I need to get back into the swing of things on my site. There are so many directions I want to take my blog and so many posts I have lined up to do, including advice, skincare, product reviews, style videos and more! My list of post ideas is in the works as I type. My brain is a cluster of words and pictures of entries to be.

I hope you all are excited! Let's get this blog party started!

What are some posts you would like to see on my blog?
What are your favorite types of posts to read?

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