Sunday, June 30, 2013

Today's Video: We Can't Stop - Makeup & Hair

An hour of (poor) footage, 12 hours worth of editing and a whole lot of stress and tears later, I present to you my tutorial on Miley Cyrus's makeup in her new music video, We Can't Stop!

I'm literally jumping with excitement as I upload and write this post. I worked so long and hard to make this video super special.

Keep in mind, Windows Movie Maker is meant for flipping cats to be able to use so I was limited on effects and such, which sucks. But I id the best I could and I'm uber proud of this video! Overly edited videos are my favorites to do, not gonna lie. They're easy to watch and a blast to produce.

So I hope ya'll enjoy!!!

"We Can't Stop" Written by Miley Cyrus, Michael Williams, Timothy Thomas, Theron Thomas. performed by Miley Cyrus. Produced by Mike Will Made It. Courtesy of RCA.

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