Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Questionnaire: Taylor Swift Edition!

I was recently tumbling around Tumblr and came across this fun Taylor Swift themed set of questions. I love me some T-Swizzle so I decided to fit this post into my schedule for this week! You get a chance to learn a little more about me while avoiding the typical "Name... age.... blah....blah...."

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Let's get crack-a-lackin'!

{A Place In This World}  Somewhere You Want To Live? A city! Not necessarily LA but something like Chicago or Miami. Small but large.                
{Back To December} Your Favourite Month? My favorite month during the school year is November because of how many days we have off and all the events (powderpuff, Thanksgiving football, spirit week, etc.)
{Beautiful Eyes} Something You Like About Yourself? My height! As much of a burden it's been, I get complimented everywhere I go. *Pats self on back*... Correction. *Pats parents on back*.
{Change} Something You Would Change About Yourself? My skin. Acne prone, itchy, red, sensitive, dry, oily, rough, inflamed, you name it. Owwy.
{Enchanted} Someone You’re Glad To Have Met? My best friend, of course. Through thick and thin, I love that girl.
{Fearless} Are You Afraid Of Anything? Failure. I'm terrified to live for 100 years and look back and realize I made no change in this world, that my existence had no impact.
{Fifteen} Your Favourite Number? 6 or 11. They were always my mailbox numbers in elementary school and have lived with me ever since!
{I <3 ?} Do You Have A Crush On Anyone? Wouldn't you like to know! Sneaky, sneaky!
{I Know What I Want} Something You Want? A MacBook Pro. iMovie is my dream and the Canon t4i isn't compatible with Windows ;)
{I’d Lie} The Last Lie You Told? I told my mom I was studying for finals so I couldn't fold laundry... Sorry, mommy!
{I’m Only Me When I’m With You} Who Are Your Friends? -As, -K, -Al :)
{If This Was A Movie} Your Favourite Movie? Mean Girls is the only one coming to mind. Sorry I'm basic.
{Long Live} Where Do You See Yourself In Ten Years? Working steadily in the Entertainment or Social Media business. AKA, making YouTube videos and blogging (I WISH). No, not really, but I would love to work on the Internet or in a television studio.
{Mine} Something Precious To You Is...? My bird. He's like my little baby. No need to have children with that crazy one around for the next 60 years.
{Never Grow Up} When You Were Little, You Wanted To Be...? A singer (I can't sing), a painter (I don't paint anything other than coloring books), a veterinarian (I don't like blood). I was a normal 7 year old girl.
{One Thing} One Random Thing About Yourself? I'm the oldest of 4 children and overly mature for my age... Maybe.
{Our Song} A Song That Reminds You Of Someone? How vague. "My Immortal" by Evanescence will always remind me of my mommy. But anything by Rascal Flatts or Indigo Girls reminds me of her! 
{Red} Your Favourite Colour? It depends. Whoops...
{Should’ve Said No} Something You Regret? Leaving YouTube for almost a year. Time wasted that I could have used to my advantage. Oh well!
{Sparks Fly} What Colour Are Your Eyes? Green/Blue, sometimes hazel.
{Speak Now} Tell Us A Secret! I don't know what the Illuminati is. Like, what.
{Starlight} If You Had One Wish, It Would Be...? I want all of my family member's bills to be paid off and all live a steady life together in the country.
{Stay Beautiful} Something You Look For In A Boy/Girlfriend? No judgment. I am one weird ass chick and I need someone to accept that.
{Superstar} Someone You Admire? My Grammy. That woman can make you cry from laughter and knows practically everything about everything.
{Teardrops On My Guitar} Something That Makes You Cry? Seeing news stories about soldiers coming home from being deployed overseas. At least they're happy tears!
{Tell Me Why} One Question You Would Like The Answer To?
{The Best Day} Your Ideal First Date? A deep dish pizza and comedy movie. Preferably something with Jim Carrey in it. Yeah. I'm classy like that. Fuck long walks on the beach, that's what you do when you're old. Old people can't handle high cholesterol and tear-jerking laughter.
{The Last Time} The Last Book/Film/Song You Read/Watched/Listened To? Book: A Patchwork Planet (AKA torture AKA English class) Movie: Heavyweights with Ben Affleck (You have to see this one) Song: probably We Can't Stop by Miley Cyrus
{The Story Of Us} Your Favourite Book? House Rules by Jodi Picoult
{Tim McGraw} Your Favourite Celebrity? I don't know, that's a tough one! Probably Blake Shelton. I mean, have you read that man's Twitter?!

And that's all folks! What's your favorite Taylor Swift song? Let me know in the comments!

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